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> XDT official invite
příspěvek 12.05.2008, 16:02
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Hi all. I'd like to invite you in a the new Xtreme Delirium Tournament www.sofxdt.net (don't ask me wtf the name means :D).

-Why a tournament for a death game?
Just to try keeping SoF alive a bit more, we like this game. Its death waited for years, if the community will help SoF, it won't die easily.

-Which servers will we use?
XfileServer (xf2.co.uk) is sponsoring the tournament!

-Who is into the staff?
Every clan have to elect 1 person from the clan to do clan's interests. This will be a tournament by the community for the community.

-When will we play?
Atm the start date is wednesday 28 May 2008. This is not definitive, staffmembers will vote to choose the best date/time.

-Who are match admins?
We are looking for! Check this link and help us: http://www.sofxdt.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=146

-Are there any rules?
Yes, rules are already choosen to speed up the tournament organization but staffmembers can change them. Actually rules are here: http://www.sofxdt.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=149

-Who organized all and what they do?
I'm the XDT Founder, Yump will be Head Admin and Evilan Head Organizer. I want to make pretty clear one thing: all powers will be concentrated in the staffmembers elected by every clan. Yump role is to take decisions if staffmembers polls will end in a draw. Evilan is doing a good job helping organizing the tournament and he obtained the xf2 sponsor. He wrote also the staffmember protocol that you can found here:

Clan and players registration:
-Who should register the clan?
If you wanna partecipate to the tournament my advice is to choose an active and trusted person of the clan and let him registering the clan into the site. His job is to register or request already registered players for his clan and update sometimes info about his players (when they leave, change wax guid, ecc.).

-I'm a player and I'd like to be added to my clan, should I register as player?
There are two possibility: or you register by yourself or who registered your clan can do it for you. If you register by yourself you can choose in the registration form to be part of a clan. You won't be automatically added to that clan, someone trusted will valutate your request and accept or refuse it.

-Is the banlist empty? Have I to play with WAX on?
Yes and yes

-I registered my clan and want to add my players, how can I do it?
Login in the system and check first if the player is already registered. If it is, simply choose and request this player, otherwise you can register players of your clan without problems.

-I registered my clan and want to become a staffmember, what I have to do?
Register again (yep, site and forum use different database, so you have to register again) in the forum and ask to me or to Evilan to be added to the staffmember group.

Nothing more to say. I'll hope you will join the tournament. We'll store all statistics of every player every match, with a nice top 5 all of fame:
-top 5 scores
-top 5 cap whores
-top 5 fraggers
-top 5 zombies :D

Website: http://www.sofxdt.net
Forum: http://www.sofxdt.net/forum

Ermak mail/msn: ermak@sofxdt.net
Evilan mail/msn: evilan@sofxdt.net
Yump mail: yump@sofxdt.net
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příspěvek 14.05.2008, 12:18
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