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Takze tu piste co vam na nas vady a co bi ste zmenily...a prosim z klanu vsetkych abi tu davaly nase vyhry a tak worship.gif
Takze mame za sebou uz dve vyhry nad: Special soldiers Team
~!DangerousSoldiers!~ a prehraly sme nad cool.gif Flusni do travy
Joa nad nami (!/MR/!) jste prohrali 0:2, ale to jen tak ne že bych se posmival. Mohli by jsme ale jen pokud by ste chteli nekdy dat znovu.
No sak niekdy bi sme mohli si to zopakovat ale teraz mame toho plno takze az do 30.01.2006 nemozme...a este k tomu ze ste vihraly ale to som tu este nebol ja.... biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Briuce @ 25.01.2006, 15:55) [snapback]185077[/snapback]

Takze mame za sebou uz dve vyhry nad: Special soldiers Team
~!DangerousSoldiers!~ a prehraly sme nad cool.gif Flusni do travy
no a mame tu dalsie vyhry nad mírumilovní masoví vrazi a Dark Dogs
no toto forum prenechavam DARK ALIENOVY a ja zakladam new klan dufam ze sa vam bude pacit..cuss Briuce
How influentital the Media on Teens Are
It has been a hot topic discussed heatedly for the time being that how indeed the media influence our teens. Different peopie come up with different opinions. The following passages are two different comments given by several teenagers ranging from 15 to 20.
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One, World of Warcraft power leveling Teens are the most influenced and the easiest to be influenced by
last chaos gold,the media.last chaos gold The media influence the way they dress, talk and conduct themselves. From the latest trends to the coolest celebrities, they imirate what they see, whether it's Katie Holmes's new haircut or the pink shirt that Christina Aguilera wore. So it follows that more serious actions like carrying arms or doing drugs could be copied as well.
aoc power leveling,
Young people are impressionable.aoc power leveling Therefore, some request that the media should take responsibility by changing some of the content of their shows especially those for teens. They are huge consumers of media, so networks should show them respect by promoting positive images. They think some shows confuse the lines between entertainment and life.The producers know their audiences are young, so they should realize that teens watching "reality" shows might not be able
aoc power leveling,
to tell the difference between fantasy and fiction.aoc power leveling
Opposing voices have also come from others. They think that they use the media--magazines, television and movies--to connect to one another and to the world, so naturally,they're influenced by the images the media present. For example, a boy would be lying if he said he didn't want to be like Brad Pitt. Pitt's flawless style, good looks and moneymaking talent seem to define what's "cool".
Final Fantasy XI GIL,
Nevertheless,Final Fantasy XI GIL those teens hold that the media only provide information, what they as viewers do with that knowledge is up to themselves. They have to learn to make their own choices and accept responsibility for their actions. To blame entertainment figures for certain crimes committed by teens is
aion kinah,
It's not the fault of TV.aion kinah Media are an expression of our culture--not the cause. It's time we stop making the media a scapegoat for our nation's problems. It's not the media's job to make sure kids understand what they're watching; that responsibility belongs to parents. Parents and schools should dedicate more time to establishing clear rules of discipline.The influence of parents and teachers--the teens' true role model--carries more weight with teenagers than what they hear on the radio or see at the movies.
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